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Hi there and Welcome to How To Build Cat Tree website.

As a longtime cat owner, I know how very important it is to have a cat scratching post or cat tree / cat condo available for your cat or kitten to use at all times. I have a number of indoor cats, and if there were no cat trees available in my house – I would have no decent furniture to speak of! It would have been destroyed long ago by a multitude of cats claws!

Here inside our website, you will find information on how to make a cat tree, how to make cat condos as well as information on where to get really great cat scratching post plans.


Make A Cat Tree DIY

Cat Scratching Post


Do Cats Really Need A Scratching Post?

Cat’s scratching is a vital part of their being, and cats scratch furniture (and other things) for a number of different reasons. There is a lot of information here as to why cats scratch. Check out our articles in the sidebar on the right, there will be more coming soon.

What Cat Tree Design Is The Best?

You will find that cat scratching posts come in a variety of types, textures and shapes. In this website, I will give and explanation of which materials are the best to use for how to make a cat tree, and exactly why they are the best.

There’s a huge variety of ready-made cat scratching posts available for you to buy on the market, with sizes, shapes, colors and fittings to suit all tastes & budgets.

You can get climbing cat trees, you can get cat houses and also magnificent palace-like cat condos. Your cat honestly doesn’t mind if his cat tree is fancy or not, but he will appreciate a lengthy scratching pole part, and places to sit on and sleep on. Cats also love to be high up, where they feel safe and can watch what is happening from above. Most cat scratching trees are either covered in carpet or sisal rope.

Have a browse around our website to pick up some ideas on how to build cat tree. I hope you enjoy this information on how to make a cat tree, and use it to provide a beneficial and useful cat scratching tree for your own cat or kitten. For some great extra info visit the site with cat scratching post plans here: Cat Tree – Scratching Post Plans

Please visit again soon, and if you find our site helpful, bookmark and share so others can benefit.

Yours Sincerely.

Ashley Martin

How To Build Cat Tree website


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