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Looking for Cat Scratching Post Plans?

On this page I give a quick review of The Best Cat Trees eBook.

Make A Cat Scratching Post PlansThis great book is very comprehensive and has a number of plans for making a cat tree. It is targeted towards the beginner do-it-yourselfer, but of course all handy persons will find it invaluable.

The Best Cat Tree Plans eBook contains over 120 pages and 280 pictures and diagrams. It has been extremely well written and presented with very detailed and easy-to-understand instructions.

There are a few basic details you need to learn, to ensure the cat trees you build are very strong and will stand up to the harsh treatment from your cat’s claws. Often when cats “get the zoomies” they will hit their scratching post on the run, and land on it fast, so you need to make sure it is very stable and sturdy.

Cheap Scratching Posts Don’t Last

A lot of the cheaper scratching posts you can buy simply do not stand up to the demands of an active cat for very long. The joints are usually badly done and the fittings are cheap and poor quality. The joints and fittings need to be properly done to ensure your scratching post provides benefit for your cat for years to come.

The detailed diagrams carefully laid out in this manual, help to prevent mistakes and also save you a lot of time and energy. They are based on time tested construction principles and on arrangements that cats really enjoy, and therefore will use.

How to Make a Cat Condo - Cat Scratching Post Plans

Make A Cat Condo For Me!

That is why it is so great to learn how to make a cat scratching post yourself. Once you have this knowledge, then you can go on and mix and match the plans in the book to come up with your own wonderful and unique designs.

If you have been looking to buy a cat scratching post, then you will know that a decent one will cost anywhere up to $500 and sometimes even more.

So by making it yourself, not only are you saving yourself a lot of money, but you can design your cat tree to fit in with your home and your furnishings. You will probably be able to make a much bigger and fancier cat tree than what you would be able to afford if you bought one brand new.

You can also get most of the construction materials for next to nothing, so you can really go wild and experiment! I am sure that your kitty will love to help you while your are putting the cat tree together for her too :-)



Cat playing on the Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post Plans


4 Responses to Cat Scratching Post Plans

  • Simone says:

    How do I get an old cat to learn to use a scratching post?
    How do I get my older cat to learn new tricks, so to speak? He’s 7 years old, and was never taught to use a scratching post, so he just scratches up anything he can find.

    We bought a carpet lined scratching post, but he hasn’t done much but look at it funny. We’ve tried putting toys on top and around it, putting catnip on it, giving him treats when he almost thinks about using it, things like that. We haven’t tried the spray catnip yet, but plan on doing that soon.

    Another note, he’s vicious and his claws hurt, lol. So it’s tough to really put his claws on the scratching post or anything like that.

  • admin says:

    Hi Simone, The older the cat, the harder it can be to teach them new tricks. Try using positive re-enforcement whens he uses his scratching post, and negative when he scratches anywhere that you don’t want him to scratch. You can use a water spray bottle because that is a nice gentle way to stop inappropriate scratching.

    Also, you can spray repellants onto the places you don’t want you cat scratching on. Most pet stores sell cat repellent sprays that cats do not like, so spray your couch with one of those.

    Make sure to play with him on it too, get some cat teasers and just have fun. Won’t take long until he loves his new scratching post.

  • Maggie and Scooter says:

    Hi, My cat Scooter is a chubby purebred persian. He has never had a cat scratching post. He is always scratching the furniture and people are saying I should build a cat tree for him.
    But I don’t think he would use it, and don’t want to waste my time.
    Do persian cats like cat scratching posts?

  • admin says:

    Hi Maggie and Scooter, all cats love their cat trees! Some take a little help so that they understand they are ALLOWED to scratch on it, especially if they have been growled at in the past for scratching on furniture.
    It is sure worth your making a scratching post for your Scooter. Maybe just choose a plan for a teeny one to start with. Once you cat shows you how much he loves his new scratching post, then you might like to build a bigger cat tree for him.