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Do you want to make a cat scratching post?

If you own a cat you will need to provide your cat with a cat tree. If you are handy with a tool or two, (and even if you are not) then you can save hundreds of dollars by making a cat tree yourself. Your cat scratching tree does not need to made of expensive materials, and often, you can even find materials to build it from for free. This article will show you how it is possible to make a cat scratching post by spending very little or even at no cost at all.

Consider all Aspects of Your Design

How To Make A Cat Scratching Post

Make A Cat Scratching Post

The first step is to make a drawing of your cat scratching post, how you want it to look. Decide how many tiers you want it to have, and any other spaces like cat condo style enclosed areas. Get your creative juices flowing, and experiment with the design to make it unique. Make sure it is going to fit into the spot where you want to keep it. Choose the color of the coverings to fit your home and furniture.

Next, have a really good look at your design and see if it has the basic elements of a really good cat scratching post. Things like, are the post parts long enough for your cat to really stretch out, and to hang her weight off of her claws (cats seriously love to do that). If you have the room consider making one post really tall, so that she has to climb and claw her way to the top.

Are the posts going to be carpeted completely? Make sure the different tiers are easy to access, so you cat doesn’t get stuck up high with no easy way down. Shelves should lead one to the next easily. Have you included places where your cat can sleep and lounge? They love their sleeping places to be way up, and the higher the better – as long as it is safe.

Get Your Materials

Next, based on your drawing, figure out exactly what materials you will need to build the cat tree. Some of the items may be carpet remnants, fake fur, carpet tubes, scrap wood and posts, sisal rope and wood screws. You might also like to find a few tough cat toys to hang from appropriate places. And catnip to spray or rub onto the cat tree will be delighted in by most cats.

Most of your materials can be gathered together for free. Have a look around the house, check out your garage, ask neighbors, and visit some local carpet stores to see if they have remnants that are to be tossed out. Low cost items can also be obtained at second hand or junk shops.

After getting all your materials together, check you have access to the following tools: hammer, wood saw, hand held drill, staple gun and staples, pencil, measuring tape, wood glue, wood screws and maybe nails.

Get To Work!

Make a Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post

It is best to start to making a cat scratching post from the base and work upwards. Attach the scratching poles firmly to the base and wrap them with either carpet or sisal rope. Then you can attach any sleeping shelves and perches that you have decided on for your cat’s enjoyment. Make sure the whole thing is solid and sturdy.

Once your cat tree is all completed, have a check over it for safety. Look for any loose parts, sharp bits, wood splinters, sticking out nails, staples and such-like that could hurt your cat.

Dress It Up!

Yay! All finished and now is the time to go crazy with attaching your cat toys! You might also like to rub it or spray it with catnip for an extra special touch. Then introduce your kitty to her brand new cat scratching post and get her opinion on your hard work.

All in all, to make a cat scratching post is relatively easy and your cat will enjoy years of entertainment and pleasure!

And, if you want to avoid some of the pitfalls and make sure your cat scratching post is well built and will last for years, have a look at the Cat Scratching Post Plans here: The Best Cat Trees – Plans

5 Responses to Make A Cat Scratching Post

  • Anna says:

    There are some really great cat scratching post plans in this little book you have here on your site. I have actually bought that book already. I made two cat trees, one little one for the bedroom, and a giant scratching cat tree “palace” for our main living area. We have three cats and they spend so much time on their cat tree.
    I used the book to figure out the connections, plan out the construction and how to put it together , and really went to town on my design … it is HUGE!!!! and it really looks quite beautiful, if I may say so myself.

  • Peter says:

    Thank you for all these great ideas. My cat Charlotte is going to adore her new cat condo when I get it finished. Those ebook plans are fantastic, so well laid out and easy to understand. Problem is that all the cat tree plans look so enticing, I think my house is going to look like a wild cat sanctuary when I get finished – cat scratching posts and condos everywhere!

  • Charmaine says:

    How do I get my older kitty Boris to learn to use his scratching post? How do I get my older cat to learn new tricks, so to speak? He’s 7 years old, and he has never been taught how to use a scratching post, so he just scratches around on anything he can find, usually the best furniture of course! I have bought a carpeted cat scratching post, but he has not done much but look at it really funny. I have tried putting his cat toys on top of it and feeding him yummy treats, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. I have not tried the spray on catnip yet, but plan on doing that soon.

  • Mel P says:

    Catnip helps to make you cats love their new scratching posts. You can also put them onto the carpeting and give them a really god petting so they start kneading ie clawing. Also try playing with little bits of string on the carpet. When they start to play on the carpet they will likely to catch on to how great their new scratching post is.

  • Kyla Pointer says:

    Hi there, thank you for all this information. I so want to build my cat Tigger a really lovely scratching post that he will use and enjoy. I am going to buy the scratching post plans book, it is a pretty good deal and at least I won’t make a mess of it LOL.